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2023 Sharks Registration

    Welcome to the 2023 Sugar Land Sharks!

    This is the place where you register for the 2023 season.

Tryout Information is found HERE. Please read this before continuing.

2023 Sharks Schedule, Practice and Meet Schedule: Click HERE

The Sharks are a recreational swim team that requires the following: 6 & Under - Swim 12.5 yards (halfway across pool) w/o assistance, any stroke. 7 & Up - Swim 25 yards (pool length) w/o assistance, any stroke. The Sharks do not provide "learn-to-swim" or swimming lessons.

The fees are $135 for the first swimmer, $125 for the second swimmer, and $115 for each additional swimmer and include a medal, parties, and great coaching for the summer season. The $25 try-out fee is nonrefundable - if you don't make the team, this fee is required.

The Sharks have a required family volunteer commitment for everyone. If you don't meet your commitment, you are subject to a $400 volunteer waiver fee. The Sharks are volunteer-run and cannot operate without parent volunteers.

For any problems with registration, email:

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Lifeguard Interest (15 & Up)

The Sharks are looking for lifeguards (from within the team)! If your swimmer is 15 & up and wishes to be considered for occasional paid lifeguard work during the season (paid per hour), please select your interest here and we'll contact you with more information. This will be a paid position. Certified Life Saving only - we can help you locate a training class if you decide to do this. *

2023 CIT (Coach in Training) Interest - 13 & Up

Each year the Sharks have Coaches-In-Training forming a group of 13 & up swimmers to help the head coach and assistnt coaches during practices and other events. These swimmers are furture leaders! If your child is interested, please select the box here and we'll be sure to share the CIT informational meeting details soon - Coach Hansen will select the CITs near the start of the season. Selection is based on interest, ability, maturity, and love for swimming. *

Primary Parent/Volunteer Contact PHONE for Text Messages

Please provide the primary PHONE for ALL TEAM & VOLUNTEER related messages this season. We will NOT be using ANY other number. If you don't put an active number that you monitor here, chances are you will miss important messages. The Sharks can't be responsible for cases of "I didn't get the message," so please choose an number you monitor daily. Thank you. *

Primary Parent/Volunteer Contact EMAIL ADDRESS

Please provide the primary EMAIL for ALL TEAM & VOLUNTEER related messages this season. We will NOT be contacting you ANY other way. If you don't put an active email that you monitor here, chances are you will miss important messages. The Sharks can't be responsbible for cases of "I didn't get the message," so please choose an email you monitor daily. Thank you very much! *

Want to be a Age Group Parent / Tent Monitor as your Volunteer Job? Read the requirements and answer here.

Being an Age Group Parent / Tent Monitor is a special job on the Sharks! It comes with different duties, requirements, and rewards! If wish to be an Age Group Parent, here are the requirements: (1) You must choose the age group and gender matching your swimmer (or one of your swimmers). You shouldn't plan on being the "tent mom/dad" if your swimmer isn't one of that particular group. (2) Age Group Parents agree to work FOUR full meets (or until your last Age Group swimmer is done). This means you agree to be in the tent and helping your swimmers during the entire time you have any swimmers still in the tent - when they are gone, you are done. (3) You will already have experience as a tent parent OR you will attend required training. No Exceptions. If you choose this option, please fill out your other volunteer choices later in this registration session as a backup. You will be contacted if you are a candidate for tent parent based on your RESPONSE HERE. Please DO NOT choose any of these options if you do not agree to the requirements. FOUR FULL MEETS is a large commitment and comes with the reward of being in the tent with the swimmers helping them during the meet. Understand the commitment required and thank you. *

2023 Special Sponsor Bonus For Families

For every family that brings a new $250 or more value sponsor to the Sharks this season, the family will receive a customized Sharks Soft-Sided Cooler that is NOT available for sale - custom with logo! --- ALSO: For any families bringing in $1000 in sponsorship (total), your volunteer commitment (and fees) are waived. **ALL Sponsorship forms and money are due April 5th. *

How Did You Hear About The Sharks?


2023 Sharks COVID-19 Policies / Waiver

2023 Covid Waiver

The Sugar Land Sharks and the Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League and all other teams associated therewith (SHRSL) have done their best to follow the State of Texas guidelines and put in place preventive measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19; however, SHRSL cannot guarantee that you will not become infected with COVID-19. Further, attending SHRSL practices and meets could increase your risk of contracting COVID-19.

By signing this agreement, you acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-019 and voluntarily assume the risk that you may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending SHRSL practices and meets and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, or even death. You understand that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of SHRSL volunteers.

You voluntarily agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury to yourself (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability or expense, of any kind, that you may experience or incur in connection with your attendance at SHRSL events (Claims). You hereby release, covenant not to sue, discharge, and hold harmless SHRSL, its agents, representatives, board and volunteers, from the Claims. You understand and agree that this release includes any Claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of SHRSL, its agents, representatives, board and volunteers, whether a COVID-19 infection occurs before, during, or after participation in any SHRSL event.

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No Refunds After May 1st, 2023

There will be no refunds after May 1st, 2023 for your fees. After May 1st, the Sharks are committed to certain costs including insurance, city fees, and staffing. Your agreement here is binding and no exceptions can be made.

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2023 Volunteer Descriptions

I have reviewed the Sharks Volunteer Descriptions (click the link) and have thought about the selections I will make.

I am responsible for understanding the volunteer roles I apply for and am willing to participate in any needed training for those roles. If you don't complete the required training, you will be removed from the role and will be assigned another role. 

The next section talks about the required volunteer commitment.

Volunteer Descriptions are listed HERE 

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Required Family Participation Policy

Parents are an essential element in operating our swim team! We need ALL parents to participate. Relatives and friends are always welcome to help out and/or substitute when parents have conflicts. When you volunteer, please be reliable and on time! Find a replacement if you cannot be there. Remember, when a volunteer does not show up, meets are delayed and already overworked parents have to pick up your slack. Expect reminder calls before each meet in which you volunteer.


We require that each family provide a $400 "Volunteer Encouragement" credit or debit card authorization at the time of enrollment. A receipt will be given for your records. This authorization will ONLY be submitted as an actual charge IF the minimum requirement for Family Volunteering is not met. The minimum requirement is working at least SIX halves of a meet (or THREE full meets) during the season. There are SIX meets during the season. This doesn't apply to Age Group Parents, these parents work FOUR full meets (or until your last Age Group swimmer is done).

I understand that if I do not meet the minimum volunteer requirement of 6 halves of a meet, my $400 volunteer deposit will be processed and charged to the card you used to sign up with the team.

What this means is that your credit card or debit card will be authorized today for the swim team fee for each athlete ($135, $125, $115 for the 1st three swimmers, and so on) PLUS one $400 fee as a pending authorization only (NOT a charge). 

This additional $400 will NOT charge to the card unless you don't meet your volunteer requirements by the end of the last meet. 

Please contact the team as soon as possible at this email address if you have any concerns:



Two Swimmers > $135 + $125 = $260 Fee

Volunteer Deposit = one $400 authorization per family

At check out, your card is authorized for a total of $660, BUT only $260 will post to your card. The additional $400 authorization amount will drop off in a week and free those funds again.

>>>> As a final reminder of what you agree to do. Volunteer or be required to pay a $400 waiver fee, should you not be willing or able to complete your volunteer shifts as follows: The minimum requirement is working at least SIX halves of a meet (or THREE full meets out of SIX total meets) during the season. This doesn't apply to Age Group Parents, these parents work FOUR full meets (or until your last Age Group swimmer is done).

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
SHRSL Waiver - Sugar Land Sharks 2023

Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League:

For any Adult or Minor in consideration of being allowed to participate in the Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

(hereinafter SHRSL) swimming program (in any manner, including the Sugar Land Sharks Swim Team as a member team of the SHRSL incorporated herein) and related events and activities, the undersigned:

1. Agree that prior to participating, they each will inspect the facilities and equipment to be used, and if they believe anything is unsafe, they will immediately advise their coach or supervisor of such condition and refuse to participate.

2. Acknowledge and fully understand that each participant will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, and severe social and economic losses which might result from their own actions, inaction, or negligence of others, the rules of play, or the condition of the premises or of any equipment used.

Further, there may be risks not known to us or not reasonably foreseeable at this time.

3. Assume all the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for the damages following such injury, permanent disability or death.

4. Release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue SHRSL, their respective administrators, directors, agents, coaches, and other members of the organization, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the events, all of which are hereinafter referred to as Released Parties, from demands, losses or damages on account of injury, including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the Released Parties or otherwise.

5. Agree to abide by all UIL/SHRSL rules and regulations governing coaches and UIL participation.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Amateur Athletic Waiver and Release of Liability - City of Sugar Land

City of Sugar Land Facility:

I understand that the City of Sugar Land is not responsible or liable for my child while he/she is at the pool during swim team activities. I will not hold the Sugar Land Sharks Swim Team or personnel thereof responsible for, or liable for any illness, accident or loss of property incurred while my child is participating in swim team activities.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Acknowledgment of Receipt and AGREEMENT to abide by the Swimmer & Parent Code of Conduct + Team Rules

I have received a copy of, read, understand, agree to, and have explained to my child, the Sugar Land Sharks Swimmer & Parent Code of Conduct + Team Rules (online). View Sharks Team Handbook HERE. This is available online only, you can view & print it from there. 

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Required Sharks Swim-A-Fund Annual Fundraiser

Each summer the Sharks host a mandatory fundraising effort: Swim-A-Thon or what we call the Swim-A-Fund. This year it will be Saturday, June 3rd (Estimate), from 8-10am at the pool. What is this all about? 

The fees you pay for joining the team cover a lot but don't cover significant maintenance expenses for the pool/supplies, additional coaches, and other support expenses. 

The requirements are simple: EITHER commit to coming to the Swim-A-Thon and participating by SWIMMING that day and/or getting sponsors to raise money OR pay the flat amount of $100 per family. 

All swimmers swim a fixed number of laps OR with donations, REDUCE their requirements (even down to ZERO) - this happens on a Saturday morning! That's it! The more donations they bring in, the fewer laps they swim, and the more of the PARTY they get to enjoy!

The collected funds help the team and the Swim-A-Fund day has things like this:

Please come and enjoy Breakfast food for sale, Games, Shark Tattoos, Pies-In-Coaches-Faces, Fun, Great Prizes for most $ raised. Gift card raffles, Gift Baskets, + more! So many great prizes! If you can't make it to Swim A Fund, please remember the flat fee of $100 per family is assessed.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *