Sharks Pool Saved by City Council!

    Good morning Sugar Land Sharks families!

    Many of you are already aware, however, we wanted to send out a formal notice and summary of the Sugar Land City Council meeting last night. The Sharks AND the Sugar Land community have the City Pool "Shark Tank" for the 2018 season and likely beyond!

    The Sharks Board would like to thank each and every one of you who showed your support, whether through email, Facebook, or showing up to make our presence felt. The City Council and Mayor definitely were not prepared for this level of engagement and it made a huge difference. We couldn’t have done it without you, so truly: THANK YOU!

    Going forward, the Sharks Board will be working closely with City Hall to ensure this does not come up again as a future issue. Some repairs are going to be needed for the pool, and we may be looking to some of our parents to help where they can. We will keep you informed. In addition, we will be working with Mayor Zimmerman and the Parks & Recreation staff on the mandatory fixes.

    We have to mention that one of our most powerful speakers last night was Leon from the Lions Club. We couldn’t believe the powerful history and testimony he provided that spanned 50 years! As our original sponsoring organization, the Lions gave the City Pool and The Sharks a start and SO MUCH support over the years. We will be working more closely with them as they are an invaluable resource. We suggest you reach out to them and show your appreciation as well:

    Ella Aubin: and Larry Stewart and Daryl Counts: | Learn more at

     Sugar Land Lions, 2017

    That’s enough emails, texts, and everything else for now. Thank you again, and see you all at the pool this Spring for another Championship season! Sharks 2018 Registration opens late February 2018!

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